BRG17 Volunteers

This year I will be asking for some more help. I LOVE running this event, but I sometimes miss out on the fun of it. If you are interested in volunteering for BRG please email me: I will discount registration 50% for those people that sign up to help. If we have surplus money at the close of the event, I will reimburse you at awards for the other 50% of your registration.

Examples of jobs will be:

-Being in charge of making the registration bags (this will require a Wednesday or Thursday am arrival) & helping out with registration throughout the weekend
-Researching and setting up catering/cookout options for Saturday night & being the point of contact Saturday afternoon
-Being the lead on car show arrangements, making a plan and being the first one there to direct the cars, as well as assisting in the group car photoshoot and where it should be
-Voting/counting ballots/developing a method to cast accurate and timely car show results knowing we will have zero to no cell service at Fontana (or just helping count the good old fashioned way)
-Caravan Lead for the Cherohala & coming up with a lunch stop/sightseeing stops/photo stops along the way (this will be a Wed +/- Thurs +/- Fri drive
-Cleanup help. This is always one that a lot of people forget about! After Dipfest, the car show/awards/cookout, the last day and any other cleanup help that our group left behind